Azension's Mercury is located at 25° Aquarius 19' 45"

The Fleet-Footed Messenger

"I had rather be Mercury, the smallest among seven [planets], revolving round the Sun, than the first among five [moons] revolving around Saturn."
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Letter to Gottfriend Herder, 1771

Magdalena Pagowska/Len-Yan, Hope, Poland, 2015

Mercury is the first planet from the sun and thus has the shortest orbit cycle of 88 days.  Compare that to Earth (third planet from the sun) of 365 days for reference of how short Mercury’s cycle is.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and is at home in the Third House or Sixth House.  

Mercury symbolizes communication, travel and trade. Human autonomy would correlate with the hands, arms and nervous system.

The Tarot Card Associated with Mercury is The Magician.

The metal associated with Mercury is quicksilver. It is exalted in Virgo and falls in Pisces. That means it is strongest in Virgo, and weakest in Pisces


The Mind

Because Mercury has the shortest orbit around the sun it symbolized efficient and speedy delivery of messages.  The Romans envisioned it as their fleet-footed messenger.  Mercury plays the role of an ambassador - a bridge to understanding and connects opposite forces bringing together polarities to form a grand synthesis.  Not being considered feminine or masculine, Mercury is considered to be objective in nature.  The special thing to know about Mercury is that it is ruled by Venus and if conjunct to Mercury Venus has the capacity to divide Mercurial energies.