Azension's Neptune is located at 19° Pisces 4' 28"

The Universal Spirit

"Neptune energy best comes when one has learned somewhat to play the game of life, at a time when the structures one has created threaten to take away the sense of aliveness."
-Robert Hand, Horoscope Symbols, 1981

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun with an orbit cycle of 165 years.  

Neptune rules Pisces and is at home in the Twelfth House.  

Neptune symbolizes spirituality, imagination and illusion. Human autonomy would correlate with the feet, spinal column and nervous system

The Tarot Card Associated with Neptune is The Hanged Man.

The metal associated with Neptune is neptunium. It is exalted in Cancer and falls in Capricorn.  That means it is strongest in Cancer, and weakest in Capricorn


The Sacrifice

Neptune symbolizes altruism, idealism and the imagination.  It evokes the spiritual world that science cannot explain.  It was named for the god of the sea and is associated with water, ruling Pisces.  When Neptune moves into a new sign or enters an aspect with another planet, it cleanses that sign or body, purifying the other and strengthening its attributes.  Neptune dissolves Saturnian Boundaries and the individual ego.  However, it is very possible to get lost in all the transcendence.  Without boundaries, we are more open to deception and illusions.  Idealism can be hard to discern from escapism in such unclear territory.  Neptune will be in transit as Pisces until 2026 and being in its ruling sign brings global spiritual awakening and a rise in inspiration, creativity and compassion.

Walter Crane, Neptune's Horses from The Greek Mythological Legend, England, 1910