Azension's Pluto is located at 25° Capricorn 0' 18"

The Phoenix Rising

"Esoterically, Pluto is an alchemical vas hermeticum, a vessel that, without revealing its nature, translates everything that comes into contact with it into its own irons and symbologies."
-Richard Grossinger, Pluto, 2015

Alejandra Luisa Leon, Pluto from The Stars Divine, United States 2019

Pluto is the ninth planet (even though some disagree that it is a planet, Pluto is still a dwarf planet) from the sun with an orbit cycle of 248 years.  

Pluto rules Scorpio and is at home in the Eighth House.  

Pluto symbolizes transformation, death and rebirth. Human autonomy would correlate with elimination and the reproductive system

The Tarot Card Associated with Pluto is Judgement.

The metal associated with Pluto is plutonium. It is exalted in Leo and falls in Cancer.  That means it is strongest in Leo, and weakest in Cancer


The Transformation

Pluto is described as distant and diminutive and while he may have been downgraded by scientists he's still an important force in astrology, he even has an asteroid (#134340).  Pluto was discovered in 1930 and named for the god of the underworld.  Pluto orbits in the Kuiper Belt, a rocky and distant part of the solar system.  Pluto is the planet we all know the least about which leads to its association with the underworld, transformation and death.  When Pluto transits, it brings transformation, destroying the old and beginning anew. 

Pluto is The Phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from the ashes, a force that renews after destruction.  The phoenix is a symbol of eternal life and well being

Hades - The Greek Equivalent of Pluto

The Angels of Hades are Uriel and Raphael.  Uriel is set over Tartarus; Raphael is prince of Hades.  While Raphael is in charge of departed souls, the officiating angel of the newly dead was, at least originally, Uriel.