Azension's Saturn is located at 5° Aquarius 31' 25"

The Keeper of Time

"Saturn is not a planet that tolerates shortcuts, nor does it let us get away with anything.  It grabs us by the collar and forces us to face up to things, especially things that we have been avoiding .... Saturn rules all foundations, from the skeleton of the body to the organizational hierarchy of a company."
-Susan Miller, Planets and Possibilities, 2001

Vincent Motron, Opus Magnus, France 2016

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun with an orbit cycle of 28-30 years.  

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius and is at home in the Tenth House or Eleventh House.  

Saturn symbolizes discipline, responsibility and limitations. Human autonomy would correlate with the skin, the skeletal system, teeth legaments and knees. 

The Tarot Card Associated with Saturn is The World.

The metal associated with Mercury is lead. It is exalted in Libra and falls in Aries. That means it is strongest in Libra, and weakest in Aries


The Truth

Saturn is complex bringing structure and boundaries that are necessary.  It is Saturn's limits that ultimately allow us, as individuals and a society to thrive.  Saturn represents authority and figures, parents, teachers and the police fall under its influence.  Saturn's wisdom is gained through experience, rather than enlightenment, and the planet represents maturity and knowledge.  Saturn's wisdom is gained through experience, rather than enlightenment, and the planet represents maturity and knowledge of mortality.  This also leads the planet a sense of melancholy; when Saturn transits into a new sign, it does not come to play, but to sternly suggest that you step back in line.  Its rigidfity has a purpose: reminding us there is a limit to everything, including time.  The clearest expression of this is the astrological event known as a Saturn Return, which is when the planet returns to its natal position.  This takes an average of 29 years. 

An individual's first Saturn Return coincides with psychological phenomena known in pop culture as the "quarter life crisis," when young adults experience perhaps their first call to assess their lives.  A second Saturn Retuirn between the ages of 57 and 60, and those with good luck will experience a third Saturn Return in their 80's and early 90's.  Those disquieting phases shake up the sense of self and facilitate an evaluation of values and accomplishments.  And while Saturn can be a tough teacher and a strict disciplinarian, its point is not to reprimand but to remind.