The Moon

Azension's Moon is located at 28° Gemini 37' 4"

The Divine Dreamer

"If the attractive virtue of the Moon extends as far as the earth, it follows with greater reason that the attractive virtue that the attractive virtue of the earth extends as far as the Moon and much farther, and, in short, nothing which consists of earthly substance anyhow constituted although thrown up to any height, can ever escape the powerful operation of this attractive virtue."
-Johannes Kepler, Astronomia nova, 1609

Muhammad Rizavi Hindi, A Night Scene of Shiva Puja, 18 Century 

The Moon is a Celestial Object with an orbit cycle of 28 days.  

The Moon rules Cancer and is at home in the Forth House.  

The Moon symbolizes emotions, the unconscious and instinct. Human autonomy would correlate with the stomach, breasts, digestion and fluids and secretions

The Tarot Cards Associated with The Moon are The Moon and The High Priestess.

The metal associated with The Moon is silver. It is exalted in Taurus and falls in Scorpio. That means it is strongest in Taurus, and weakest in Scorpio


The Soul

The Moon reflects the soul.  It represents the inner world, including our emotional nature, subconscious, dreams, intuition and instinctual actions.  It is the most transmutable energy of all astrological planets and can change cyclically through its phases.  The phases of the moon are meant for different goals.  For example, a full moon is when to harvest the fruit one has grown during the waxing moon (when the moon was growing) and the time to get rid of old energies is the waning moon.  The moon is linked to the ocean's tides, the human menstrual cycle, and agricultural practices.  It symbolizes the evolution of life from maiden (waxing), mother (full), and crone (waning).  The moon is connected to dreams, the underworld, memory, mothering, nurturing and fertility.  Where the SUN fuels the ego, the Moon fuels the indirect and internal.  

The Moon works through all of us equally, presiding over our dreams and memories, and revealing our inner emotions and turmoil.  The shadows of the moon are a result of the many craters on its pocked surface - they mirror our own shadows, and the dark places within.  

Kay Nielsen, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Denmark/England, 1914