Azension's Uranus is located at 6° Taurus 46' 40"

The Holistic Synthesis

"Uranus is the awakener, the planet of liberation and revolution.  It follows the path of individuality and originality.  It is unorthodox and values freedom.  With its brilliantly radical flair, this inventor paves new ways of being and doing."
-Alejandra Luisa Leon, The Stars Divine, 2020

NASA/Voyager 2, Uranus, Space 1986

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun with an orbit cycle of 84 years.  

Uranus rules Aquarius and is at home in the Eleventh House.  

Uranus symbolizes change, revolution and the unexpected. Human autonomy would correlate with the respiratory system

The Tarot Card Associated with Uranus is The Fool.

The metal associated with Uranus is uranium. It is exalted in Scorpio and falls in Taurus. That means it is strongest in Scorpio, and weakest in Taurus


The Genius

Uranus is rarely visible to the naked-eye (it seems like you need an X-ray to see through clothes, I guess 😉).  Uranus was the first planet discovered by telescope.  Uranus is an ice giant and is sometimes called the "sideways planet" because it rotates on its side.  Uranus and Venus rotate from east to west while all the other planets spin in the opposite direction. Uranus is about creativity, awakening, surprise and change.  It is the planet of new technology, intellect and innovation.  Uranus brings breakthroughs and is consider a higher octave of Mercury - increasing intellect and communicative abilities.  Uranus rules many seemingly divergent subjects such as astrology, psychic experience, holistic healing, telecommunications and space exploration.  He is known as the Great Synthesizer and can bring liberation and revolution.  

Antonella Castelli
Uranus from the Astrological Oracle Deck
Italy, 2012