Visionary Transmissions

"The soul of the water bearer is constantly torn asunder by Uranus, the unpredictable and violent planet of change which lets him see ahead with electric blue clarity to the future.  Aquarius belongs to mankind.  He represents its truest hopes and its deepest ideals."
-Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman's Star Signs, 1968

The Angel of Aquarius according to ceremonial magic is Ausiel (Ausiul).
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Aquarius is Cambiel.
The two governing spirits of Aquarius are Archer and Ssakmakiel (Tzakmawiel).

Paula Duro, La Estrella, Argentina, 2019

Aquarius is the eleventh sign and is active in the sun from January 20 - February 18.  

Aquarius is the ruler of Saturn and Uranus and its natural house is the Eleventh House.

Aquarius's duality is considered positiveAquarius is of the air element with the fixed quality.  

Leo is polar opposite to Aquarius.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Aquarius is The Star.  

The Metals of Aquarius is Aluminum and Uranium.


The All Knowing

Aquarius' symbol is the Water Bearer and they are often assumed to be a water sign;  but as the last of the relational air signs their influence is highly sociable and concerned with community.  Instead of ascribing this sign the attributes of water, it's important to distinguish that Aquarius is the carrier of the attributes of water and the bearer of them who shares this life-sustaining gift with others but is not affected by it.  The Water Bearer is a transmitter.

A constellation known as The Great One - which is represented by the God Ea, a later version of the Sumerian god of water, knowledge and creation - is mentioned in Babylonian star catalogs.  He is often depicted holding an overflowing vase.  But these waters weren't always welcome on Earth - the curse of rain would cause rivers, like the Nile, to flood.  Aquarians, thanks to their airiness, thrive in situations of chaos and trauma; so strong is the Water Bearer's desire to serve and share, they are able to overcome apparent oppositions or battles of opposites.  This, in fact, is a major attribute of the sign:  Aquarians are unorthodox in their thinking, avant-garde visionaries who possess the charisma to convince others to join their revolutions.  With a Uranus rulership, there is a link to technology;  Aquarians invent things (like the internet) that connect humanity in new ways.  Paired with the Star in tarot, a card that represents hope, healing, and insight, Aquarius is once again associated with a guiding light that brings life-granting water for the world's spiritual thirst.

A phrase that signals Aquarius energy is "I know..."

Lu Hong, Aquarius, China/United States, 2019