Birth & Manifestation

"Aries symbolizes the first pulsation of that ray of pure intelligence which constitutes the Divine Ego of the human soul.  It is the force that impels ever onward the life atom in its evolutionary progress, and reveals to us the beginning, or first manifestation, of the Divine Ego as an active, self-existing atom of Infinite spirit, within angelic spheres."
-Henro O. Wagner, Belle M. Wagner & Thomas H. Burgoyne, The Light of Egypt, 1903

The Angel of Aries according to ceremonial magic is Aiel or Machidiel.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Aries is Malahidael.
The two governing spirits of Aries are Sataaran and Sarahiel (Sariel).

Ian Herriott, Aries, United States, 2010

Aries is the first sign and is active in the sun from March 21 - April 19.  

Aries is the ruler of Mars and its natural house is the First House.  

Aries' duality is considered positive.  Aries is of the fire element with the cardinal quality.  

Libra is polar opposite to Aries.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Aries is The Emperor.  

The Metal of Aries is Iron.


The Affirmator

Aries marks the start of new beginnings.  It is the burst of spring that heralds the start of the new cycle.  A barginger of spring was the birthing season of the sheep, which literally brought new life.  The symbol associated with Aries is a fully-grown ram, powerful in his virility and forthright with energy and enthusiasm.  Clearly a fire sign, the ram is determined and impetuous, full of fiery excitement and youthful energy. Aries' positive duality shows direct energy and articulates itself in action.  It is an igniting force.  The downside of such forcefulness can be restlessness and a combative spirit.  

Given that Aries' ruling planet is Mars, a warrior vibe and competitive drive is expected.  Many astrologists refer to Aries as the baby or the newborn of the zodiac.  They are full of charm, infectious energy and single-minded pursuits.  With their child-like quality, the cam can become self-obsessed or aware of only their needs.  Aries rules the head, the place most associated by ancient people as the location of the soul or divine spirit.  When planets enter Aries, they are influenced by its powerful energy and pressed into action - Aries is a risk-taker, a visionary who inspires boldness, audacity and new endeavors.  

A phrase that signals Aries energy is "I am..."

Gibbs Mason, Illustration from She:  The Woman-Man, United States, 1935