The Music of Manifestation

"Capricorn is a symbol of inertia and death and awakening life.  This prepares the soul for the more perfect expression of its powers in its forthcoming upward journey ... this is the promise of a new day, and higher state of existence."
-Henry O. Wagner, Belle M. Wagner & Thomas H. Burgoyne, The Light of Egypt, 1903

The Angel of Capricorn according to ceremonial magic is Casujoiah.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Capricorn is Hamael.
The two governing spirits of Capricorn are Sagdalon and Semakiel (Semaqiel).

Salvador Dali, Capricorn, Spain, 1967

Capricorn is the tenth sign and is active in the sun from December 22 - January 19.  

Capricorn is the ruler of Saturn and its natural house is the Tenth House.  

Capricorn's duality is considered negative.  Capricorn is of the earth element with the cardinal quality.  

Cancer is polar opposite to Capricorn.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Capricorn is The Devil.  

The Metal of Capricorn is Lead.


The Utilizer

In Latin, the name Capricorn means goat horned, and the symbol of Capricorn is the sea goat, a mythological hybrid of a mountain goat whose hind legs transform into a tail.  Wily and intelligent goats are a staple of mythology, often appearing as an accompaniment of gods or goddesses, including the Sumerian god Marduk, who presides over justice, regeneration, magic and agriculture and many of the hunting goddesses such as Artemis.  The satyrs, wild and lewd nature spirits who consorted with Dionysus, were originally depicted as men with the ears, tails and manes of a horse, but by the Roman era, these figures were half goats or humans with goat horns.  But the goat-horned Capricorn is special, for this goat creature is also half fish.  

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of time and restriction, Capricorns know there are limits to our time together and respect its finality.  Because of that, they get things done.  As a sign, Capricorn is like the sea goat, an interesting mix of water and land, sensuality and practicality, innovation and tradition.  With two seemingly conflicting sides, this cardinal sign begins again, dedication is a big deal to Capricorns; from his spot in the sky, Pricus continues to monitor his children.  This sign is also associated with music - think of Pan and his pipe - and with the ability to age backward, like Pricus, manipulating the normal course of events. 

A phrase that signals Capricorn energy is "I use..."

Carlos Ruiz H., Gedi (Capricorn), Mexico, 2016