Connective Duality

"I am Gemini.  Curiosity is my name.  I am into everything and know everyone.  My mind moves at the speed of light."
-Andee Nathanson, Author & Astrologer, 2020

The Angel of Gemini according to ceremonial magic is Giel.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Gemini is Ambriel.
The two governing spirits of Gemini are Sagras and Saraiel.

Simboli Design, Gemini, United States, 1969

Gemini is the third sign and is active in the sun from May 21 - June 20.  

Gemini is the ruler of Mercury and its natural house is the Third House.  

Gemini's duality is considered positiveGemini is of the air element with the mutable quality.  

Sagittarius is polar opposite to Gemini.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Gemini is The Lovers.  

The Metal of Cancer is Mercury/Quicksilver.


The Thinker

Gemini is a symbol of the Great Twins, siblings who appear in myths and folklore of many cultures.  Twins, in general, are a symbol of dualistic nature of the universe.  Along with expressing duality, the trope of twins also signifies unity and completion.  the first of the air signs, Gemini is above all relational, a highly sociable sign with Mercury as its ruling planet so therefore is predisposed to communication.  Gemini is considered by some astrologers to be the consummate air sign with a constant drive to create connectivity.  Gemini's double nature sees one twin as a shadow and connects the idea of Gemini's stereotype of being two-faced.  Gemini might be generously thought of as shape-shifters, who are restless movers by nature.  They need new stimulation to stay centered, hallmarks of this sign are intelligence, adaptability, and communicativeness

Gemini mirrors both seasons and lifecycle.  Gemini coordinates with later childhood emerging into young adulthood and spring developing into summer.  Is evident when young people are still measuring and discovering their intellectual interests and making connections. Twins are known for their psychic connections.  It is common to see with twins, especially as children, they developing their own languages and codes that acknowledge the world while keeping them separate from it. 

Unknown, Gemini from al-Sufi's Kitah Suwar al-Kawakih al-Thabitah, Provenance Unknown, 18th Century