Charismatic Power

"I am Leo. I shine bright, untiring, at the cneter of everything.  I roar with joy.  I smile with pleasure.  My tables are full, as I call friends and family together.  My wisdom is deep and my knowledge broad.  I am king, queen and ruler.  My reign is supreme.  And absolute.  Under my protection, you will not falter.  If you are loyal, I will lead you.  If you love my, I will offer you the world."
-Andee Nathanson, Author & Astrologer, 2020

The Angel of Leo according to ceremonial magic is Ol.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Leo is Verchiel.
The two governing spirits of Leo are Sagham and Seratiel.

Lisa Congdon, Leo, United States, 2018

Leo is the fifth sign and is active in the sun from July 23 - August 22.  

Leo is the ruler of The Sun and its natural house is the Fifth House.  

Leo's duality is considered positiveLeo is of the fire element with the fixed quality.  

Aquarius is polar opposite to Leo.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Leo is Strength.  

The Metal of Leo is Gold.


The Willful

Leo is one of the earliest known constellations, reaching as far back as 4,000 BCE when the ancient Mesopotamian identified a group of stars that resemble a crouching lion.  Leo's namesake constellation is one of the few that actually looks like the figure it is said to represent.  Unlike the burning, igniting fire that is Aries, Leo's fire is held in check by its fixed modality, making Leo less wildfire and more friendly, like the warmth of the hearth or a campfire (but with more glamour).  

With the Sun as its ruling planet, Leo embodies brightness and light, a true Sun king or queen.  This warm energy is magnetic, drawing in people; Leos are beloved because they are so heart-centered, characteristically inviting others to bask in their warmth.  This makes Leo both a powerful and sociable creature; when the lion keeps its ego in check, Leo is a playful, affectionate and funny sign.  They can be clowns, loving to be onstage and perform and they are incredibly charismatic.  The downside is that Leos need an audience to shine; a lonely lion is a dejected one, depressed.  Also, the lion can be done in by excessive pride.  

This sign rules the fifth house, the house of creativity, romance and children.  This placement reinforces Leo's penchant for play and joy, as the lion's inclination to perform.  Known as the house that represents the "inner child," it is no surprise that Leo resides here.

A phrase that signals Leo energy is "I will..."

Tarra Lu, Leo, United States, 2016