Seeing into the Beyond

"Astrology is balanced by each sign making up for qualities lacking in the sign that precedes it.  Aries, the sign that begins the zodiac, symbolized spring and flows after Pisces, the last sign, born of winter.  It is also a sign that rules the universal.  In Pisces, there are no boundaries just all-encompassing love.  Pisces is the symbol of primordial waters of creation itself."
-Susan Miller, Planets and Possibilities, 2000

The Angel of Pisces according to ceremonial magic is Pasiel.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Pisces is Barchiel.
The two governing spirits of Gemini are Rasamasa and Vocabiel.

Virgil Finlay, Creep Shadow from Famous Fantastic Mysteries, United States, 1942

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign and is active in the sun from February 19 - March 20.  

Pisces is the ruler of Jupiter and Neptune and its natural house is the Twelfth House.

Pisces' duality is considered negativePisces is of the water element with the mutable quality.  

Virgo is polar opposite to Pisces.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Pisces is The Moon.  

The Metal of Pisces is Tin.


The Believer

As the last and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the culmination of the wheel, representing the full maturity of the indiciudal and the completion of the cycle.  It is often said that Pisces contains all the elements of the zodiac that precede it, as such it is the end - peak spiritual enlightenment.  The animal associated with pisces is the fish.  For a variety of cultures, fish are linked to spiritual wisdom.  

The fish can go with the flow or swim against the current.  The symbol of two fish swimming in different directions also holds a spiritual dimension:  One swims toward the enlightenment of the heavens, the other, toward theEarth, in an echo of that great hermetic principle - as above, so below.  Because of the sign's link to spiritual awareness, and an ability to see beyond boundaries, people with planets in Pisces are often assoicated with psychic abilities.  Similarly, the dissolution of boundaries between the self and other (considering we too are tied t ogether) permit Pisces to be especially empathetic and forgiving.  As the zodiac has progressed from youth to old age, from the indicidual to collective identity, Pisces pushes to include everyone in its pool.  That Neptune rrules this sign also enhances its mustical bent - the guru planet can take the sign so far into abstraction, all footing in this world is lost.  Or as astrologer Maja D. Aoust says, "Pisces can inspire and be religion, but they can't build the church.  Virgos and Tauruses do that."  

In Tarot, Pisces's corresponding card is the Moon, as both bring forth visions, dreams and even magic. 

A phrase that signals Pisces energy is "I believe..."

Phyllis Mahon, Pisces:  Mutable Water, Ireland, 2012