Arrow to the Heart

"A continued quest for wisdom, moving his focus from deep inner work up to the horizon, where he joyfully seeks truth and adventure.  Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of religion and exaggeration, Sagittarius readily forms beliefs and philosophies."
-Juliana McCarthy, The Stars Within You, 2018

The Angels of Sagittarius are Ayil or Sizajasel.
The Angels Presiding Over Zodiacal Sagittarius are Advachiel and/or Adnachiel.
The two governing spirits of Sagittarius are Vhnori and Saritaiel (Saritiel).

Sagittarius is the ninth sign and is active in the sun from November 22 - December 21.  

Sagittarius is the ruler of Jupiter and its natural house is the Ninth House.  

Sagittarius' duality is considered positive.  Aries is of the fire element with the mutable quality.  

Gemini is polar opposite to Sagittarius.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Sagittarius is Temperance.  

The Metal of Sagittarius is Tin.


The Seer

Sagittarius is the final sign of the fire triplicity and is symbolized as a centaur archer, half-human, half-beast.  Sagittarius is a bicorporal and dual-bodied sign, meaning there are two figures in the sign's symbol - the bow and the centaur.  This doubling is said to signify a dual nature - in Sagittarius' case, the sign is both man and horse.  As such, Sagittarius represents intelligence and strength, philosophical contemplation and exploration.  The mutable quality of fire is present; thus Sagittarians need expansiveness, they are optimistic with a restless quality as if some challenge or adventure isn't present.  After all, the ruling planet IS Jupiter, with its expanding influence.  Sagittarius suns often have a love of travel, the outdoors and animals. 

In mythology, the centaur Chiron was a philosophy teacher, a sage and mentor to many accomplished students; he was also a healer.  The pursuit of truth and the sharing of that wisdom is a core attribute of the sign - aligning Sagittarius with academics, healing, seeking and spirituality.  Also, the primary activity of an archer is to land his or her mark with an almost mystical power of focus; it is an act that emits from a centered and concentrated energy in a very direct fashion.  Similarly, Sagittarius is known to be blunt and straight to the point.  A caregiver or guide that transmits that inner knowledge to the outer world in a straight and unswerving way.  

A phrase that signals Sagittarius energy is "I see..."

Mia Bosna, Sagittarius, United States, 2011