Transitory Mutations

"The angel of purity has elevated ideals and seeks perfection."
-Alejandra Luisa Leon, The Stars Divine, 2020

The Angels of Virgo are Voil or Voel.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Virgo is Hamaliel.
The two governing spirits of Virgo are Iadara and Schaltiel.

Salvador Dali, Virgo, Spain, 1967

Virgo is the sixth sign and is active in the sun from August 23 - September 22.  

Virgo is the ruler of Mercury and its natural house is the Sixth House.  

Virgo's duality is considered negative.  Virgo is of the earth element with the mutable quality.  

Pisces is polar opposite to Virgo.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Virgo is The Hermit.  

The Metal of Virgo is Quick Silver.


The Analyst

Virgo is the largest constellation in the zodiac and its shape is said to represent Astraea, the celestial virgin of Greek mythology whose name translates to star maiden.  The symbol of Virgo is the virgin which represents self-containment.  The root word of vir literally means strong.  Therefore these days a Virgo woman would be a strong one, not a chaste one.  Self-sufficiency is a term that describes a Virgo well.  Virgo is an earth sign who has an appreciation for physical pursuits of all kinds including sex.  Like all earth signs, Virgos tend to be practical and have a broad outlook that welcomes transitions, especially when it involves harvest season.  Virgo can be a detailed perfectionist or a capable creator who helps tie the end of one season with the beginning of the next.  

Virgo are devoted to service and illumination, which is apparent through her actions.  As the sign that follows Leo's creative drama, Virgo brings the enthusiasm and energy of the self back to the Earth, adapting it to meet more collective needs.  This connects her eternity and speaks also to the association of Virgo with the intestines.  The winding pathway of the intestings was in ancient times envisioned as an endless knot, symbolic of eternity.  Another of the sign's bodily correspondences is the liver, which for the Romans was the seat of passion and reminded of Virgo's intellect and adaptability.  Although not airy like an Aquarius, Virgos tend to be sensual and rooted to the Earth.  

A phrase that signals Virgo energy is "I analyze..."