Truth & Consequence

"A new phase of life is coming into fruition.  You knowingly take the next step for yourself, as you have risen from a cloudy coffin of uncertainty into a bright balance of morale within.  Momentum has been accumulated, and you have been granted the opportunity to act in exercising your goodness and abilities."
-Emily Mundy, Dark Days Tarot, 2017

Unknown, Marseille-style Tarot, France, 19th Century
First published by Grimaud in the late 1800's, this example of a classic Marseille pattern was created by an unknown artist and is typical of the Tarot decks made in France during this period.

Judgement is the twentieth key to the Major Arcana in Tarot.  The Element of Judgement is Fire and the planetary affiliation is with Pluto.

Qualities of Judgement are Awakening, Renewal, and ForgivenessAlternative names for Judgement are The Last Judgement, and The Angel.  Symbols are Angel, Mountains, and Trumpet.

In German the Sun is called Das Gericht.  In French, Le Jugement.  And in Italian, L'Angelo, and Il Giudizio.


This card illustrates several forms of final judgement as depicted in varying mythologies.  Some decks showcase the Christian myths, with figures rising up from the grave at the sound of the trumpet of God's messenger, the Archangel Gabriel, Arms raised, they await the weighing of their actions in life, the scales determining their entrance to either Heaven or Hell.  In the background of most cards, an insurmountable mountain range is shown, signifying that there is no avoidance of judgement.  It is immovable.  This card is often associated with Pluto, ruler of the underworld, and in this way signifies not only endings, but new beginnings, new life, rebirth, and resurrection.


Judgement signifies a moment of reflection and evaluation.  This card asks for a critique of past actions and an objective understanding of self.  Judgement does not punish; instead, it offers the opportunity for balanced assessment and absolution.  It demands inner honesty and clarity of motive in all action moving forward.  It also signifies a reawakening, a refined sense of direction, a positive change that affects the future outcome.  Judgement reminds one of choice and consequence, the importance of clear decision-making in the moments where the path splits in two.  It calls for a higher level of consciousness in service of the greater good.  Judgement purges, cleanses and renews.  

Kim Krans, Wild Unknown Tarot, United States, 2012
One of the first in a new generation of Tarot scholars and creators reviving and reinterpreting the arcana for the modern era, the artist Kim Krans self-published the first edition of her acclaimed Wild Unknown deck in 2012.