Action & Consequence

"It is time to be uncompromising in our goal of seeking, and maintaining, balance.  Balanced ideals, perspectives, habits, reponsibilities -- input and output.  Excess right now will only lead to burnout, and laziness will lead to depression.  We should seek to find all of the possible information that exists about any given subject we are interested in, and involved in, to become as wise as possible.  Presumptions are not our friend, and do not serve us.  If there is a situation that calls for our opinion, we should seek to be fair and unbiased.  Again, educating ourselves on all aspects and both sides is best practice. "
-Devany Amber Wolfe, She Wolfe Tarot Guidebook, 2017

Elizabetta Trevisan, The Crystal Tarot, Italy 1994
A series of artworks by the Italian painter shows the artist's technique of combining pastel and tempera to create a look reminiscent of stained glass.

Justice is the eleventh key to the Major Arcana in Tarot.  The Element of Justice is Air and the zodiac affiliation is with Libra.

Qualities of Justice are Balance, Morality, and Ethics.  Alternate names for Justice are Balance and The Scales.  Symbols are Scales, Robes, Temple, and Sword

In German Justice is called Gerechtigkeit.  In French, La Justice.  And in Italian, La Giustizia.


Lady Justice represents supreme law.  She sits between two columns of the sacred temple.  In her right hand, she raises a double-edged sword, symbolizing impartiality, the consequence of every action, and the ability to cut voth ways.  In her left, intuitive hand, she carefully balances the scales of justice, indicating the need to weigh logic against emotion.  The Justice card symbolizes truth, fairness, and the law.  Her cloak is red with a green mantle held by a square-shaped clasp.  A square stone is also set at the center of her crown, the two squares indicating grounded, ordered thought.  A white shoe peeks from beneath her robes, a symbol of spirit beneath and supporting all actions.  The curtain behind her is a deep purple, signifying her compassion and wisdom.


Justice calls for balance.  She knows that every action has a reaction and a consequence.  She weighs and balances the scales.  She searches for the truth.  She insists on equality, on fairness in all deeds.  She fights for what is right and requires that all be called to account for their wrongs.  She acts with integrity.  Her devisions are based on both logic and compassion.  Her judgments are made through empathy and understanding.  She encourages conscious choice and demands ethical decision-making.  Her eyes are clear.  She knows right from wrong.  She insists on honesty, especially honesty with oneself.  She demands an account for every action.  She knows every choice, every decision, affects the greater whole.

Jean Duchesne, Illustration of Justice, from Jeux de cartes tarots, France, 1844
This is one of the numerous illustrations from the artist's 1844 book.