The Dominance of Grace

"Omnipotence.  You are able to reclaim the power that is rightly yours.  The inspiration which invigorates you and enables you to drive forward is a strong feeling of confidence in yourself, your motives, and the environment you have prepared for this success.  The seeds you sow will blossom into long-lasting achievement.  You feel omnipotent, ready to conquer the world, for you have finally resolved conflicting issues within your own personality."
-Julia Turk, Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea, 1997

Chicome Itzquitntli Amatlapantli, Tarot Mexicayotl, Mexico, 2020
Identified in the Aztec language, Nahuatl, each card of this contemporary series of Tarot artwork features illustrations influenced by Aztec culture, spiritual practices and rituals.

Strength is the eighth key associated with the Major Arcana in Tarot.  The Element of Strength is Fire and the zodiac affiliation is with Leo.

Qualities of Strength are Energy, Confidence, and Force.  Alternate names for Strength are Force and Fortitude.  Symbols are A Lion, White Robes, A Crown of Flowers, and the Infinity Sign.

In German Strength is called Die Kraft.  In French, La Force.  And in Italian, La Fortezza, and La Forza.


A woman holds open the jaws of an enormous lion.  Dressed up in white to signify the purity of her spirit, she maintains dominance over the creature, controlling its wild nature with a calming grace.  In the background, blue mountains rise, representing stability and quiet power.  Here, the lion, a symbol of courage, is tamed by a wise and bold mistress.  In some decks the woman seems to gently stroke the lion's forehead and jaw, indicating that tenderness and love are able to quell the raging beast.  The lion may also symbolize passion, raw desire, and animal instinct.  The woman is often shown wearing a belt and crown of floers to represent her close connection with nature.  Above her head, floats the figure eight, the sign for infinity, representing eternal life and endless potential. 


This card signifies bravery in the face of adversity.  Yet there is no coercion here, instead, inner strength is utilized to rise above difficulties and subdue aggression.  Compassion and patience hold the key to attaining power and overcoming obstacles.  The Strength card celebrates fortitude in times of distress or danger.  It reminds one to remain calm even amid intense struggle.  Strength asks for the distillation of goals and desires and a renewed focus on core needs.  It calls for reliance on both the vigr of the body and centeredness of mind to endure trial and tribulation.  Situations can be best controlled by serenity and persistence.  Stamina must be matched by stillness, commitment, balnced by composure.  Trust both instinct and raw emotion, but tame these with constructive action and steady perseverance.

Brian Roettinger, High as Hope Tarot, for inclusion in Florence + the Michine limited edition album, United States, 2019
Artist and creative director Roettinger designed this Major Arcana for inclusion in the deluxe edition of the 2019 album by British musical artist Florence + the Machine.