The Heart Speaks

Cups explore the complexities of the heart, the push and pull of relationship to others, the catharsis that comes with deeply felt emotions.  Ruled by the element of water, cups are symbolic of the inner feminine, the place within where intuition and nurturing reside.

In a deck of playing cards, Cups correspond to Hearts.

Rolf Eichelmann, New Century Tarot, Germany, 2003
The New Century Tarot by Rolf Eichelmann features the illustrator's colorful, modern reinterpretations of traditional Tarot arcana.

The Qualities of the Suit of Cups are Feelings, Emotions, Intuition, and Creativity.

In Astrology, the Suit of Cups is associated with Scorpio (Fixed Water), Pisces (Mutable Water), and Cancer (Cardinal Water).

Carl W. Rohrig, Rohrig Tarot, Germany, 1995
German artist Rohrig incorporates both classic and current pop culture iconography into his detailed dreamlike illustrations, creating his own surreal symbology for his decks.