Destiny Through Desire

Wands are the suit of desire and yearning, dreams, manifestations.  Aligned with the element of fire, they symbolize the flames of sexuality, willpower, and primal energy.  This is the suit of the ego, of masculine determination and ambition without bounds.

In a deck of playing cards, Wands correspond to Clubs.  

Andrea Serio & Robert Negrini, Liber T:  Tarot of Stars Eternal, Italy, 2004
Inspired by Lady Frieda Harris's illustrations for the Thoth deck, this modern interpretation of Tarot takes a more abstracted approach to the figurative arcana.

The Qualities of the Suit of Wands are Energy, Motivation, and Passion.

In Astrology, the Suit of Wands is associated with Leo (Fixed Fire), Sagittarius (Mutable Fire), and Aries (Cardinal Fire).

Susan Weil, Queen of Wands, United States, 1950s
In a deck made in honor of her mother, an avid Tarot reader, the contemporary artist Susan Weil created a limited series of one-of-a-kind cards expressed in primative line drawings.