Tarot Decks

I will use this page to provide a list and brief description of the Tarot Decks we have used in our Ivory Tower Weekly Tarot Draws.  I will provide a link to the Amazon Page for each specified tarot deck.  Enjoy!

To Discuss these or other and future used tarot, please join us at The Ivory Tower.

Affirmators!  Tarot Card Deck
by Suzi Barrett and Vikki Chu
This is the tarot deck that goes with the infamous Affirmators! line of products which has been proven to be very well liked and appreciated.

Angel Tarot
by Travis McHenry
Our favorite Angels and just one Villian together as one.
The Angel Complex is that of the ego at the highest degree, the superego is another word for Angel.

The Hermetic Tarot
by Godfrey Dowson
A very complex deck that has become the favorite of the group.  😁

Occult Tarot
by Travis McHenry
This is a demonic tarot deck that beginners are suggested to stay far, far away from. 

Notoria:  Angels in Light Tarot
by Fabio Listrani
This is a nice tarot deck with Angels and a lot of light included!

Santa Muerte Tarot
by Fabio Listrani
A deep and dark tarot deck with signs and symbols from The Day of Death.
Having to do with Mexican culture.

Tarot of Dreams
by Lee Bursten
This tarot deck has very nice artwork and is well known to stimulate dreaming and sacred sleep with its deep and meaningful symbologies.
Contains 83 cards instead of the usual 78 cards in a standard tarot deck.

Tarot of the Abyss
by Ana Tourian
Kind of an essentric deck with 80 cards instead of the standard of 78 cards.  Has an alternative for both the Three of Swords and the Ten of Swords.

Tarot of the Divine
by Yoshi Yoshitani
A nice and uplifting deck with various artwork that leaves a lasting impression.

The Thoth Tarot
by Aleister Crowley, Lady Frieda Harris
This Egyptian themed tarot deck is heavy in Mercurial energies and stimulates the mind in ways we can't describe but really like sometimes.  😃

Vlad Dracula Tarot
by Travis McHenry
This is a gruesome deck depicting what I believe is the savageness of political elections.  I'm open to new suggestions and interpretations of what this deck is about.