The Ivory Tower at Azension likes to recognize and work with various deities.  Below are some of our favorites!

Mother Goddess of Compassion in Buddhist Mythology
Born from a single tear drop.

From External Sources

Tara is undoubtedly the most powerful female deity in the Buddhist pantheon. Her name means “star” in Sanskrit and she is believed to possess the ability to guide followers, like a star, on their spiritual path.
Tara:  A Powerful Feminine Force

Tara is an asteroid (#5863) and is located at 4° Gemini for Azension


Egyptian God of Underworld and of Death

The Weighing of the Heart of Man Ritual
When one dies the heart is weighed against the purity of a Ma'at thought feather,
If the heart weighs more than the idea or thought, it is deemed to be more damaging than the good it brings and therefore isn't allowed to continue existence and is devoured by Ammit!
This is a way to break generational curses and stop hurtful things at the root or source of them without letting them continue to plague and hurt our families, our worlds, our lives and our souls. 

When a heart weighed more heavily, it could mean that it has dealt with a lot of hurt, a lot of grief in that lifetime and another should not be subject to go through that kind of hurt and pain.


Anubis is an asteroid (#1912) and is located at 4° Gemini for Azension


Goddess of Fortune and Luck

Fortuna is a Roman Goddess, in Greek Tyche, that is the personification of fortune and luck.  She holds a horn filled with gold coins and distributes those gold coins as she sees fit, often blindfolded.

In the Greek Version, it is said that Tyche follows Pluto in his abduction of Persephone.

 Fortuna is an Asteroid (#19) and is located at 10° Aries 59' 56" for Azension.

Her Greek Equivalent, Tyche is also an Asteroid (#258) and is located at 21°  Libra 16' 24" for Azension.


The Goddess Nut
Egyptian Mother Goddess of Fertility

As a goddess of fertility she is the embodiment of a nurturing mother.  Her and husband Geb (saw below holding up and supporting his wife, he is in the shape of the symbol for Uranus, seemingly channeling or embodying that energetic source) are parents of Isis, Osiris, Seth, and Nephthys.  

 Nut is an Asteroid (#306367) and is located at 12° Capricorn for Azension.


Nurturing Mother Goddess of All in Hindu Mythology

Symbolizes Ultimate Power
Related to and connected with areas such as War, Anger, Time, Change, Creation, Destruction and Power.

The Artwork is titled
The Moon
by Karina Pavlova

Kali is an asteroid (#4227) and is located at 6° Capricorn for Azension


The Lovers
Psyche and Eros
Embodiment of Soulmate Union

Psyche is the Goddess and Protector of the Soul and symbolizes the capacity to be psychically sensitive to another person.  Specifically, psychic sensitivity to the mind and feelings of another person.

Eros is the God of Erotic Love, son of Aphrodite and Chaos, and symbolizes the capacity for vitality and passion.  Sexual compatibility and the reciprocation of passion.  

Sexuality should never be shamed, only celebrated.

Psyche is an asteroid (#16) and is located at 9° Gemini for Azension
Eros is an asteroid (#433) and is located at 27° Scorpio for Azension


Deity of Evil, Death and Destruction

This guy shouldn't be recognized but he's the most important piece of Egyptian mythology that is often hidden or denied due to his nature.  The ancient Egyptians fear him to the point that they preform daily rituals to curse him.  However, he is known as the chaos serpent that never dies because no matter what curses or ill wills they wish or throw or send to him, it can only slow him down on his mission of destruction. 

This one should be thought of (when problems arise with it) as everything and anything traumatic that one has ever went through.  At it's most severe, it seems like there is not an escape from it all. Things one has lost, people who have died, and all the sorrow that in one's existence and life is what he feels like.  On the other hand, he can be about self understanding and finding oneself despite anything else.  A word of advice is to stop running away.


Apophis is an asteroid (#99942) and is located at 3° Libra for Azension


The Wounded Healer

Chiron is known as the wounded healer.  He is the capacity to heal through the wounded self.  Meaning pieces or parts of yourself that you or others may have wounded.  An example of healing through the wounded self is the story of Cupido and Psyche, whom mother Venus sent Cupido to hurt Psyche and lone and behold he wounds himself and falls in love with Psyche.  See: The Soulmate Union on this same page.

Chiron is an asteroid (#2060) and is located at 5° Aries 41' 52" for Azension.


Deity of War, Leadership and Sexuality

Latest and Greatest female queen of Egypt.  

Symbolizes wartime and strong feminine leadership despite lack of force against an enemy.  Also being honored or recognized after hopelessness and/or being overpowered.

She's actually part of history, so we can't dispute her existence!  

Cleopatra is an asteroid (#216) and is located at 4° Sagittarius for Azension


Greek Goddess of Beauty, Enchantment and Love

This Goddess brings beauty, grace and enchantment making one's life filled with magic. 

This one, in particular, seems to be the mother of Azension.

Doves are closely linked to Aphrodite, so seeing a lot of doves is a sign of Aphrodite!

Aphrodite is an asteroid (#1388) and is located at 15° Cancer for Azension