Psychic Gifts

The Members and Admins of The Ivory Tower at Azension are gifted in the following ways.  

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The ability to communicate with the dead.  

Think:  "I see dead people."  Except, "I communicate with dead people." 


Filling oneself with the essence of the dead in order to communicate with the living.  

Being a vessel for the dead to communicate through.  

Automatic Writing

Writing automatically, whatever comes to your head.  One knows they are automatic writing when "the words just flow."  

The writing comes out so natural that it seemingly came from something divine, supernatural, or otherwise spiritualOne becomes inspired, or possessed, in a way by an external force and gains a whole new perspective.  I like to call this enlightenment.  

When reviewing a manuscript from an Automatic Writing session, one can easily see when and if the handwriting, style of penmanship, vocabulary or even moon changes and that signals the source you are deriving your power from.  

"We really like to automatic write while also utilizing our Mediumship abilities," members from The Ivory Tower at Azension report.  Personally, I find that techique allows one to become a very effective messenger.


Mind to Mind communication.  Communicating with someone or something or somewhere without actually talking to them.  This requires a very illuminated third-eye.

Twins innately have this ability. 


Being able to foretell or foresee future events.  

Dream Interpretation

Recognizing our dreams as signs from the Universe and the ability to pull out the most important symbols and analyze those symbols to understand the collective as a whole or use them to understand ourselves and our loved ones better and heal from it. 


Clairvoyance - "Clearly Seeing" - Ability to see the whole idea or concept despite interfering energies.

Clairsentience - "Clearly Feeling" - Like empathy but broader and more sensitive.

Claircognizance - "Clearly Knowing" - An innate ability to just know, mainly part of one's subconscious. 

Clairaudience - "Clearly Hearing" - Being able to listen and hearing the most important concept.

Clairgustance - "Clearly Tasting" - Keen sense of taste.  Identifying specific ingredients or energies in one's meals. 

Enhancing Psychic Gifts

Having gifts like those listed are great but hardware tools such as crystal scrying balls can make one stronger than another.  

Other things like crystals and books can certainly come in handy too.  Books can keep the collective all connected to "all that is."  You can open a book to a random page that stands out to you and literally get the whole picture, kind of like tarot cards.  

Crystals can be charged with a certain energy or "programmed" in a way to act a certain way to enhance any of these psychic gifts.