Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals are animals that you may see a lot or come across a lot.  Enough to take particular notice of the animal and/or symbolism. 

Spirit Animals change throughout one's life and can denote certain themes or overall issues in one's path.

The Deer is a common spirit animal and is a sign and symbol of the Moon and is connected to the deity Artemis.  Seeing Deer or noticing that the spirit animal deer is an important symbol in your life can mean that you should work with the energies of the Moon.  The Tarot Cards associated with The Moon is The High Preistess (Key II) and of course The Moon (Key XVIII).

A little known fact is that if you see a deer or deer the Goddess Artemis is close by!

The Peacock is a lesser known spirit animal and is closely related to the deity Juno.  The Peacock is a symbol of the planet Venus.  It represents beauty, aesthetics, communication and pleasure/happiness in all its aspects.  Seeing or Noticing the symbol of a peacock can be the Universe telling you to work with the energies of Venus.  The Tarot Card associated with Venus is The Empress (Key III).

The Turtle is a nearly unknown spirit animal and is closely related to the Planet and deity Neptune.  The message of the turtle is that the slow, but steady win the race.  That's because when you're slow, accurate, and detail oriented you explore the depths instead of just what's on the surface.  The turtle symbolizes clarity, wholeness, protection and thoroughness.  Also, alpha and omega, a beginning and an ending.  Finishing what we have started.  The turtle can help dissolve the boundaries put in place to limit us such as strict time frames and stiff unchanging and unmoving waters.  Seeing or noticing or coming into contact with turtles may be the Universe telling one to slow down and do a more thorough job.  It may also be reminding one that quantity is not the same as quality!  The tarot card associated with Neptune is The Chariot (Key VII) and The Hanged Man (Key XII).

The Dog is a very positive and well-known spirit animal and seems to be the embodiment of the deities Pluto/Hades, Seth and Anubis.  The Greek equivalent of Anubis is Hades.  The Dog seems to be a symbol of The Moon and/or Pluto.  The Tarot Cards associated with Pluto are Judgment (Key XX) and Death.

As a matter of fact, the symbol of the dog is so powerful it earned it's way as one of the animals featured in the Chinese Zodiac.  The Dog is the animal associated with those born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030.  

Dogs are a powerful symbol of empathy and emotional well-being.  My son once told me ..."Mommy we love dogs because they understand our emotions but not our words."

The Owl is a spirit animal that has lost its popularity recently.  The Owl symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and is the embodiment of the deities Athena, Isis and Lilith.  Both Athena and Lilith are often pictured with an Owl, and he is typically associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius.  But can be of any of the three air signs as he is an animal of the air element.  The Owl stimulates and heals our sense of sight, replacing false vision due to cognitive distortion with something balanced and accurate.  The Owl seems to be a symbol of The Moon.  Tarot Cards associated with the owl are The High Priestess (Key II). 

There is misconception going around that the owl is associated with Moloch.  He is not.  

Owls are a powerful symbol of inner wisdom and intuitive development.  

The Snake or Serpent is an avoided spirit animal and symbolizes intelligence, depth and gaining prestige.  Deities associated with the Snake/Serpent are Lilith, Lucifer, Apophis, Nephthys and Seth.  The Snake/Serpent provokes or tempts what is always framed as its victim but is actually it's partner to open its mind to new ways, new ideas, and rebellion.  The planet association with the Snake/Serpent seems to be Pluto and the tarot cards seem to be Judgment (Key XX) and Death (Key XIII).  

The Snake is associated with the Chinese Zodiac for those born 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025 and 2037.

The Snake/Serpent opens up a new world of information, exploration, and self-discovery.