The Sun

Azension's Sun is located at 5° Aquarius 54' 51"

Tarot's Major Arcana Sun Card

The Center of Illumination

"For who in this most beautiful of temples who put this lamp in any other or better place than the one from which it can illuminate everything at the same time?  Aptly indeed is he named by some the lantern of the universe, by others the mind by others the ruler.  Trismegistus called him the visible God, the watcher over all things.  Thus indeed the Sun as if seated on a royal throne governs his household of Stars as they circle around him."
-Nicolaus Copernicus, Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres, 1543

Unknown, The Alchemist Who Has Achieved Alumination from Clavis Artis, Germany 1737
Symbolizes alchemy's first three things - mercury, sulfur, salt.

The Sun is a Celestial Object with an orbit cycle of 1 year.  

The Sun rules Leo and is at home in the Fifth House.  

The Sun symbolizes power, manifestation and life force.  Human autonomy would correlate with the heart, upper back, spleen and circulatory system

The Tarot Card Associated with The Sun is The Sun.

The metal associated with The Sun is gold. It is exalted in Aries and falls in Libra. That means it is strongest in Aries, and weakest in Libra


The Spirit

The Sun is positioned in the center of the horoscope.  It symbolizes the soul's essence and enlightenment.  It's light is all knowing and our self-expression is its most authentic self.  The Sun rules Leo and Leo sun sign individuals are creators with infectious vitality.  They are generous, expansive, and freely giving with warmth and light.  When The Sun is in danger or not healthy, it appears as arrogance, individualism and insecurity.  The warm light of the Sun offers magnetism, and can help keep one's self-esteem balanced.  If self-esteem becomes off-balance it appears and vanity, selfishness and self-centeredness.  Gold is an alchemical symbol of the sun and is a most sacred and valued metal which is believed to be the spirit of the sun manifesting on earth as congealed light. 

Tessa Mythos, Sola Arcana, Canada, 2016
The Sun is symbolic of the vital force.