Shamanistic Transmutation

"Scorpios are the alchemists.  The Scorpio-born have the faculty of utilizing to good advantage many things considered useless to others, and this quality, added to their strength of will and determination, usually results in success."
-Llewellyn George, The Sky is the Limit, 1941

The Angel of Scorpio is Sosol.
The Angel Presiding Over Zodiacal Scorpio is Barchiel.
The two governing spirits of Scorpio are Riehol and Saissaeiel (Sartziel).

Unknown, Constellation of Scorpius from Urania's Mirror, or a View of the Heavens, England, 1824

Scorpio is the eighth sign and is active in the sun from October 23 - November 21.  

Scorpio is the ruler of Mars and Pluto and its natural house is the Eighth House.  

Scorpio's duality is considered negativeScorpio is of the water element with the fixed quality.  

Taurus is polar opposite to Scorpio.  

The Tarot Card symbolizing Scorpio is Death.  

The Metal of Scorpio is Iron.


The Transformer

The signs of Scorpio and Cancer share the tough exoskeleton of the crustacean - though scorpions are arthropods - that must be routinely shed through molting.  The process of change and growth is often evoked in the attributes of its zodiac sign, which carries association with death and transformation, strength and introspection, pain and regeneration.  Molting is a delicate and painful process.  That the planets of Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio only heightens this association with transitions and change.  Some astrologers such as Juliana McCarthy and Carole Taylor envision Scorpio as a shaman, a master of instinct and controlled passion.  Like the shaman, the sign plunges deeply into ego deaths and disaster, only to reemerge.  Scorpio's quiet intensity and Mars' influence acts as a tough lesson of retribution to those who have hurt or betrayed them.  Robert Hand points out that of all water signs, only Scorpio will fight, but it is usually only in defense, because Scorpio is a fixed sign, its nature is action, to do and to maintain. 

Scorpio's namesake constellation, Scorpius, is one that even with the naked eye really resembles the creature.  In ancient times, it was larger than the constellation is today since its claws became Libra during the Roman era.  Scorpio's legendary strength and the sign's high energy level make it an especially powerful time in the zodiac;  the best time for preforming occult magic and healing rituals is said to be when the Moon is in Scorpio, since psychic development and sexual powers are heightened.

A phrase that signals Scorpio energy is "I transform..."

Mijanou Montealegre/Mystic Mamma, Transform, United States, 2015